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November 29 , 30 & Dec 1, 2019.


The Jurassic 3 Day Trial is a 3 day trial event located in Costa Rica, Central America. The trial consist of 3 days riding in exotic & paradisiac areas in the jungle of the Nicoya Peninsula.

It is considered the largest blue zone in the world; surrounded by wild animals and exotic nature covering, rivers, mountains, waterfalls and beaches while experiencing the authentic local folklore of the country. An average of 60 kilometers of inter zones and 20 sections per day with a total of 60 delightful, all level sections, mostly waterfalls with easy by passes.

All Sections marked by Carlos Casas from Spain:
-Has participated in 30 Scottish 6 Days
– Has marked over 100 long distance trials such as Santigosa 3 Days


The thrill is coming...

Riders point of view...

Jurassic Trial promotion in the Scottish Six Days Trial 2019 : Check Video!!!

The 3 Day Trial inter zones and sections were validated by a group of experienced, long lasting event trial riders

From Ireland, England, Spain, France, Germany, Guatemala and Costa Rica on December 2018.

A total of 90 sections were validated in order to choose the best 60 to get one of the best possible trial events in the world. The trial is located in the most amazingly diverse jungle of Costa Rica, making it the first and unique trial on the American continent.

Some stats

3 Courses, all levels welcome:


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Kilometers in Total

An average of 60 kilometers of inter zones


20 sections per day 

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"Questions? Write Us:"

This year’s event starts in Nandayure, a small rural town in the heart of the Nicoya Peninsula.

Riders will participate on the inaugural parade accompanied with folklore and bands, on the afternoon of Thursday 28th. On Friday 29th, Day 1 starts by heading to the east mountains of Nandayure overlooking the entire peninsula and finishes in Carrillo Beach. The following day the journey starts heading to the west mountains of Nandayure finishing again in Carrillo beach. 

The 3 Day Jurassic Trial has been carefully designed for riders to experience an all-inclusive event.

Which includes all costs related to local transportation, hotels, meals, inscription, gas & support throughout the event for the 3 days.

Making it very simple for riders as they only need to arrange their airfare ticket.

The basic package includes the ocean transportation of the rider’s own motorcycle, which would take aprox 65 days for in & out ocean freight plus event and customs process.    

Our DHL package bring the riders bike by air which will only take aprox. 15 Days (in & out air freight, event and customs process.- your destination/CR/your destination)  where riders must deliver the bike on a special crate provided by the J3DT organization  to a specified location (different authorized locations throughout Europe) Once inscribed and payment received, riders will get a special unassembled metal crate sent to the specified address with instructions on how to assemble and pack.

The total time for the round trip air shipping and duration of the event is approximately 3 weeks from the time the bike is shipped to the time when the rider gets it back to the authorized location where the bike was taken initially. Each rider will be in charge of packing and unpacking the bike and will have assistance from the organization if required.   Both packages (Ocean and Air) include the special shipping crate.

There will also be Trial motorcycles available for rent for and additional cost in case the riders do not want to send their own.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us by Facebook The 3 Day Jurassic Trial or email desk@JurassicTrial.com in case you have questions or if you need anything to assist you with. We will be glad to guide you all along in order to make your journey the most pleasant and unforgettable experience.


What Does The Package Include ?

Local transportation




Gasoline and support throughout the event

Official t-shirt

Round Trip motorcycle ocean transportation (airfare available)

3 day Energy Supply(Bars,electrolites,etc)

Award ceremony

(Does not include airfare tiquet and rider must provide proof of insurance)


Do you like trial, travel, adventure, sun ...? I recommend this Jurassic there My head is filled with memories ..... The rivers, the reception of the Costa Ricans, the forest, the smiles, the ocean A wonder, a paradise PURA VIDA 💙🇨🇷 ♥
Patrice Trial Pastou
Trial Rider
Prepare for the trip of a lifetime boys and girls This place has everything you and your family could ever want in one package and the views you could only ever see on the bike are out of this world amazing.

Andy Perry
Trial rider
Best trial ever, great experience, amazing sections, wonderful country, awesome people.....what else?

Enrique Escofet
Trial Rider