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November 29 , 30 & Dec 1, 2019.

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Costa Rica Jurassic 3 Days Trial

After an excellent response from our experienced validation pilots in 2018, the first edition of Jurassic 3 days Trial is on its way.

The event location is in the Peninsula de Nicoya, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It starts with a traditional parade around the town of Carmona, Nandayure on November 28 at 4 pm. By this time, drivers should already have registered their bikes, install their inscription number, and stored their bike in the DHL Parc Ferme (official secure building for warehousing bikes), therefor it is recommended that you arrive no later than 2 pm on Thursday to prepare your bikes and go through paperwork. (motorcycle need to be in good condition, with number and no leaks.)

After the parade pilots will return the bikes to DHL Parc Ferme where they remain in custody until Friday. The pilot may stay at Carmona, where local festivities will be held at the arena, this activities includes a Moto and Bike Trial exhibition. If the pilot does not want to stay to watch the show, he may take the official bus ride to the hotels area in Samara beach or Nicoya which is a 75 minutes’ drive.

The first day of competition starts on Friday 29 at 7:30 am at the padock located in the center of the Carmona Park, drivers will run every minute. Prior to his departure, each contestant will have 20 minutes with his bike for final preparations, transportation will be provided form hotel zone to Carmona Nandayure. The total distance for day 1 is approximately 72 kilometers, riders will be touring the mountains of Nandayure which will include 20 scoring areas. Day 1 culminates in Samara beach area where each pilot must reach the Trex Parc Ferme at the time set to enter his bike.

On day two competitors will leave the Trex Parc Ferme in Samara starting at 7:30 am, out every minute, will be traveling to Nandayure where they will cover approximately 86 kilometers of interzones and 20 scoring areas. Day 2 ends again at Samara beach at the set time for every rider to enter his bike at the Trex Parc Ferme.

On the third day, same drill but different location, as event starts at 7:30 am from Trex Parc Ferme, out every minute, but the route will take riders to the Falls in Mala Noche river in Samara. Last day will be approximately 25 kilometers and 20 scoring areas, culminating the event in Samara beach where the arrival padock will be

On sunday night J3DT will be closing with a ceremony to congratulate the winners and participants who finish the race properly.


The basic package # 1 is only valid for Europe , the investment is $ 1,650 (1,460 Euros) which includes sea freight round trip for motorcycle, customs process, 3 nights basic hotel double occupancy, shuttle service to and from the airport, breakfast and lunch, registration and support during the event, formal shirt, energy bars package and the awards ceremony. The pilot receives a disassembled structure metal (Jurassic Crate) to the address which will instructive assembly and the way to pack the bike which is quite basic. This must be delivered properly packed into a collection point in the city of Barcelona no later than October 15, 2019. The only requirement is that the bike does not contain gasoline in any enclosure. The rider will receive his bike about 5 weeks after finishing the event.

Due to air travel regulations, motorcycles must be transported without engine and transmission oils, without coolant in the radiator and completely out of gas.

A letter from a shop or dealer certifying that the motorcycle does not contain these aforementioned liquids is required.

To ensure there isn’t gasoline in pipelines, ideally let the bike choke from lack of gasoline being in standby mode. This package includes travel insurance in the amount of $ 3,000 (2,650 Euros) where if the pilot may pay an additional 1% of the value to declare above the amount already covered for $ 3,000.

Once the bike and packed ready, the pilot must deliver the bike to the closest DHL office to your home. The maximum delivery date is November 12 and the bike can be withdraw at the same place 5 to 6 days after the completion of the event. The metal structure can be reused the following year if it is in good condition and the pilot wants to participate in the next edition with a recess in enrollment for saving the structure.

Tourism packages: Since Costa Rica is a top tourist destination worldwide, this trial event unlike others, offers a wide variety of choices for both the driver and their families. Options tours before, during or after the event for their families such as snorkeling, Canopy Tours in the forest, surf lessons, spawning and hatching of turtles, fishing tours, diving tours, visits to volcanoes, White water rafting, waterfalls, etc. We have specialized to help carefully design the best vacation experience for you and your entire family staff. If you are interested please contact

Shipping documents:

In all cases for motorcycle shipping (procedures for export and temporary import) only a commercial invoice is required with complete data with the VIN, description of the model, indicating that it is a motorcycle Trial used, and a reference price.

You will get a commercial invoice reference and directions upon request.


There are three categories for different levels so that any pilot can participate.

The Pro category or advanced, is made for pilots who have had experience in high-level careers such as the Scottish Six Days Trial, 3 days of Santigosa in Spain, 2 days Arinsal, or have good driving skills and endurance. Some of the interzones are high difficulty and scoring areas are very similar to those of high difficulty racing. High difficulty areas will have escape routes in case the driver fails to raise or decide that it is very difficult for their level.

The novice and intermediate category is made for riders who do not regularly participate in competitions of long duration with the same interzones the advanced category excluding only the very extreme areas. The scoring areas are lower level where also the areas of greatest difficulty will have escape routes in case the driver fails to raise or decide that it is very difficult for their level.

Followers class is made for pilots who want to follow and observe pilots participating in the scoring zones using off roads to avoid the complicated interzones.

Support in the event:

The organization of the Jurassic 3 days Trial available mechanical support to support riders with their bikes when required to ensure that the motorcycle is in good condition, however the pilots should ensure that your motorcycle is shipped in good condition due to that major problems are difficult to solve in a short time.

Part of the support includes:

1 ) Safety in the Parc Fermes DHL and Trex for proper custody of the motorcycle.

2 ) Oils for motorcycles which were transported by air.

3) Gasoline (any engine) throughout the event (there will be 10 refuel stations in 3 days)

4 ) Lubricant chain (at refuel stations refuel for using pilots.

5 )Water in refuel stations.

6 ) Lunch and beverage on day 1 and 2 and snack and drink on day 3.

Licenses and insurance:

For the first edition and since most of the journey does not use paved roads and high traffic moves in areas of private farms, a driver's license is not required. Each pilot must present insurance to cover you in case of accident because the organization will not be responsible for expenses in case of accident. If you do not have insurance, you can purchase a health insurance which has a value of $ 100 (88 Euros) and covers up to $ 100,000 in medical expenses.

Climate, clothing and protection:

The time that elapses event is just the beginning of the dry season which is called the summer. There will be little chance of rain but very low. The weather will remain during the day in an average of 75 degrees Fahrenheit so trousers and light shirt is recommended. Overnight low temperature around 10 degrees. Since most of the event unfolds in the forest, abundant high humidity. The use of sunscreen for the parts that are discovered (if you use short sleeve shirt is recommended) is recommended. If you are allergic to insect bites using a repellent before departure is recommended.

The pilot must carry boots and helmet on your luggage and cannot be shipped because of Jurassic Crate customs regulations to re-enter the point of origin.


It is recommended that pilots bring basic parts for your bike like handlebars, sideburns changes and brake paste chains, spark plug and the basic tools in case you require any mechanical arrangement or required to get water out of the bike if you go to any pool.

If you have any further questions just let us get to that will gladly respond.