We care about our environment.

November 29 , 30 & Dec 1, 2019.

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We care about the en environment.

Jurassic 3 Days Trial is 100% committed with with the Costa Rican goal of becoming the first Carbon Neutral country in the world.

Therefore, a contribution of $10 will be given automatically by every rider who gets inscribed. This contribution is already contemplated on the inscription and will be towards the construction of the first recycling plant specifically for plastic such as bottles, bags & plastic in general which will be donated. to the Carmona Development Association.
The Jurassic Trial organization has been working with the local community and the Municipality of Nandayure where the plant will be built in a terrain near the center of Carmona, given by the Municipality.

The complete southern peninsula will get a lot benefit not only with the recollection and proper use of the used plastic, but also with the jobs that the plant will generate.

The world requires urgent measures on this topic and the Jurassic 3 Days Trial will help contribute to the solution.

In addition the Jurassic 3 Days Trial has been in negotiations with Ministry of Environment and Energy of CR and the Costa Rican National Forest Fund in charge of Carbon Neutrality, where we already have evaluated the foot print caused by our event.
Together we are finding solutions to make this event one of a class, making a statement to the world that you can make a difference.

We care for the environment and the Jurassic Trial will make a difference right from the beginning.

If you care and want to make an extra contribution to help us help the world, please write wecare@JurassicTrial.com